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The following is a list of some of Wakaya Perfection's leaders and the legal issues they have been involved with. This information comes from public records which you can research further if you are so inclined. 

Andre Vaughn

Andre Vaughn has been named as a defendant in a large number of court cases in several states. Below is a list of some that you can find using simple web searches:

The ACTIVE Maryland cases are as follows:

  • Beneficial MD, Inc v. Vaughn, Andre L (010100370002004)
  • Gammon, Tim v. Vaughn Andre L (010100113442011)
  • Lubin v. Liberty Trade International, et al.  (03C06003194)
  • United States of America v. Vaughn, Andre L and Vaughn Monique N (24L12005589)

Maryland Cases:


Pennsylvania Cases:

  • 2010- SU- 000516-06 US Bank National Association v. Vaughn, Andre L.
  • 2013-SU-000832-86 Four Seasons Investments LLC v. Vaughn Andre L

Federal and State Tax Lien Cases:

  • 2010-NO-0002026034 Comm of PA Dept of Revenue vs. Vaughn, Andre L.
  • 2011-NO-006719-35 United States v. Vaughn Andre L
  • 2012-NO-001250-35 United States v. Vaughn Andre L
  • 2012-NO-002033-35 United States v. Vaughn Andre L
  • 2012-NO-003303-34 Comm of PA Dept of Revenue vs. Vaughn Andre L
  • 2013-NO-004339-35 United States v. Vaughn Andre L.

Bankruptcy Cases:

  • 1:04-bk-17567 (2004)
  • 1:05-bk-2542 (2005)
  • 1:12-bk-03499-RNO (2012)
  • 1:13-bk-03820-MDF (2013)

Dave and Barb (Zorn) Pitcock

  • Barb has filed bankruptcy 4 or 5 times on multiple business
  • She was terminated from Nutrition For Life for violation of company policies and guidlines
  • She was terminated for actions that were in direct violation with Youngevity's distributor policies

David Gilmour

David Gilmour is a Canadian businessman and investor. He is the founder of Fiji Water and owner of Wakaya Island in Fiji. He has started numerous businesses including Wakaya Club & Spa, a luxury resort on Wakaya Island, Barrick Gold, and Fiji Water.

Kiwis fight to bury son on Fiji island

A Kiwi family desperate to bury their son on the Fijian island he loved have become embroiled in a dispute with the owners of an exclusive resort challenging their land rights.

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What You Didn't Know About Fiji Water

The company itself, meanwhile, has gone through a couple of owners. Fiji Water founder David Gilmour also co-founded Barrick Gold, which uses billions of gallons of water to produce gold via a toxic and environmentally devastating cyanide leaching process.

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William "Bill" Andreoli


New Hampshire police log - Oct 19, 2010

Saturday, Oct. 16 Arrest: William Andreoli, 39, 81 Heritage Hill Road, charged with simple assault, 4:17 p.m.

Todd Smith

Sanctioned by Federal Judge in Youngevity Lawsuit.