Andre Vaughn

Know who you are getting involved with before you join them...

Wakaya Perfection changed its name to Bulavita and  then re-launched again as M20 Boost.

Same leadership - Same Owners -Same company!

What are they Hiding? See Below. ​

Ask your upline why  this 3 pack that retails at $128 is readily available in Tijuana for $9.99

Companies engage in questionable practices and a lawsuit against a family grieving the loss of their son.

Numerous bankruptcies and have been kicked out of multiple companies for violating policies.

Is this the team you want to join?

Want to know more about the Wakaya Way?

Dave and Barb Pitcock

19 lawsuits have been filed against Andre Vaughn in

multiple states.

David Gilmour

Wakaya Perfection was started by a group of individuals that seem to have a history of questionable business practices. Before you invest your time and money into Wakaya Perfection, take a look at the publicly available information concerning the company and its leadership team. You might be surprised to learn about the patterns of these individuals and the way that they started Wakaya Perfection. Know what you are getting into before you do...